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A successful man is a nightclubber, luxury banquets and private parties crawler, where the toffs are chilling. It’s about the most influential, smart and interesting people who always hold the reputation and retain a strong sense to their look. However, not just expensive clothes and luxury accessories make the first impression, but also the choice of a companion for you! It plays a key role, because success must follow each detail!

Want to know how a luxury life tastes, by awashing with luxuriance and catching enthusiastic views? (название) escort agency provides you with an amazing opportunity not only to feel yourself close to the high society, but also to make real money on it!

We offer wealthy men various options for escorting them by the best models in Moscow, who are specially trained and know what to do to make a positive impression. It’s a chance for girls to spend their spare time with pleasure and ensure financial independence for a long term with no effort!

On average, girls who work as models in our agency earn about $1000 a day and it’s not a limit! Everything depends on the situation. Quite often, customers give expensive gifts for girls, pay for their shopping or organize their travelling together. If chemistry appeared between them, all events can go even further.

Working as an escort girl broadens the outlook and opens up opportunities that most people only dream about. Besides, it cannot be a full-time job. All working process is a girl’s ability to keep a conversation going and also to be nice, attract and win a person’s trust.

The main thing is to believe in yourself, care of your health and appearance thoughtfully and keep a client constantly being interested in you. It depends only on the girl how to do it, but we’re ready to teach her everything!

You don’t need to worry about anything, because the company takes all the cares. Our staff is ready to provide any assistance and solve organizational issues at ny time of day and night.


It’s time to take control of your life!

  • If you’re young, beautiful, know your own worth and have the necessary skills for high luxury level escort for men, we’ll be glad to see you in our team.

  • Work in luxury apartments in the city center! We’re looking for attractive, responsible and disciplined girls aged 21 and above who act professionally in any situation. If you want to find a stable high-paying job as an escort service, we will open for you the world of a premium level pleasure.

  • Adaptation. If you don’t have the necessary skills to work in such a sphere or are just getting the subtle details of this profession, our staff will help you meet even the highest expectations. We’ll teach you how to behave with the client to increase the visitors’ number and boost your income.

  • Accommodation. If you’re from another city, our team will help you with the relocation and settling in Moscow before you begin to date a man. As a rule, we give an accommodation in expensive hotels or VIP apartments in the city center, where there are all the necessary conditions for a good living. You’re working for yourself only and don’t waste money on household problems.

  • Customers. Influential people who have a high social status trust only us. It allows expecting a stable high income and a good attitude from the truly decent men. We value our reputation, so we take very seriously the girls’ training and offer only selected models for escort service!

Follow your dream step by step

Take your chance to become a highly paid escort model

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    Contact the number below or leave message in the messenger.

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    Discuss the work details with agency managers.

  • 3

    Attend training classes organized by our experts.

  • 4

    Start making money.

We provide constant support by allowing girls to focus directly on her work. You have to be in a good mood and have a perfect look. If the client likes you, he gives you money that is your earning.

We appreciate our clean reputation

Why girls prefer working with us:

  • 1

    24-7 support for girls to solve any situation during the working process.

  • 2

    Solving all related issues, including moving to Moscow, accommodation in a hotel or apartment, etc.

  • 3

    More than 15 years of successful work in escort services allowed us to win the loyalty of rich clients who are ready to spend lots of money on high quality escort.

  • 4

    Stable employment and high income for each date.

  • 5

    Generous customers and the opportunity to earn enough money without much effort to start an independent and fully secured life.

  • 6

    Excellent working conditions that allow to work constantly or combine it with studies and other activities.

  • 7

    Not to deny yourself in anything.

  • 8

    A work that is more like an entertainment and an everyday party.

  • 9

    Full confidentiality and keeping your income sources confidentiality.

  • 10

    A chance to make useful acquaintances with wealthy people or to arrange a private life by getting married successfully.

  • 11

    An ability to spread your vision and to get useful skills.

Enjoy your life and make real money!

Would you like to take the best from life, bringing closer joy moments due to exciting meetings?

Assess your physical characteristics

Matching the requirements? We are happy to invite you to join our team

Escort model vacancy offers girls a well-paid job with great prospective for earnings and settling their own life. Sounds good? What is more, the Barbie appearance is not necessary to obtain. It is important to be a bright and cheerful personality, concerning a good leisure time. Charming and well-established behavior skills for comprehensive companionship are essential. Your English is not crucial, though might be promising on your way for adjusting nice, wealthy and prosperous life being, since large number of customers are foreigners.

  • Age: 21-35

  • Height: 160-185 cm

  • Slim posture. Weight: 40-65 kg

  • Discipline, responsibility, and professional attitude to the duties

  • Desire for earning good money

  • Attractive appearance and groomed skin

  • Previous escorting experience will be a big plus and prior advantage during first stage of selection

  • Ease and absence of ‘inferiority complexes’, ability to stay interesting with men

Find out whether you match the requirements. Our managers will keep you up to date about the vacancy. Call us now!


Our customers are mainly wealthy men aged under 50. Their primary request is communication and leisure time with beautiful women, which is paid well after. Clients prefer inheritance, interesting and beautiful girls.
Our company scrupulously stands for its reputation and constructing transparent, trusted relationship with girls. That is why we pledge confidentiality of any private data, you provide to us.
Sure! Girls have a right for a day off, using this time for chilling or shopping, or whatever they want to, but primarily informing staff about it. You decide how many days off to have. Dates and time schedule should be discussed theretofore.
Cute appearance will be a plus, and a great advantage for future escort projects. However, it is not crucial requirement, because clients’ tastes are different.
Before meeting the girl, every client is supposed to improve his personality using data verification. It is necessary to provide relevant documents, including personal ID, driver license, and bills, to confirm the residence address, workplace, and social network account link, which makes person validation possible. This is the way we scrutinize customers’ personal data, determining criminal past and providing a better security during the session. Right before the meeting, client has to show his ID, which excludes the fraud.
No girl to pay any additional fees, keeping the earnings for her personal use.
Passports and other private stuff stay with girls. All we need is copy to make sure that supposed escort model is a relative age.
We pledge full confidentiality. Any published photo of escort model has her face covered. The relative non-disclosure agreement should be signed with agency before entering position.
Usually from 9-10 am to 10-11 pm. During the break between the meetings, girls do whatever they want. In any case, our girls always obtain enough time for sleep and rest.
Relevant experience is highly appreciated, but not crucial. The most important is willingness and readiness to earn money.